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Download Billard Aiming Calculator Pro An application from which you can become a professional in 8 ball pool Billard Aiming Calculator Pro The application is easy to use and is available for 
Android and iPhone Billard Aiming Calculator Pro
Download Billard Aiming Calculator Pro
Download Billard Aiming Calculator Pro On the android system is available free of charge The iPhone is priced at $ 2.99

Application description of the Play Store Billard Aiming Calculator Pro
Position the cue- and objectball on the table and wipe your finger in horizontal and vertical directions to rotate the cuestick around the cueball. The track lines are computed immediately. Set the speed of your stroke and position the cuetip on the cueball to get more control for the cueball. Would you like to find a good strategy for a drill? Just open the option panel and add more balls! Move the balls to the right position for planning your drill. The simulation takes care on all balls! Have a look at the computed cutangle and try the shot on a real table.
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